Beneficial Reading

  1. The Mythical Man Month, Fredrick Brooks (book, Amazon link)
    If I assume you know how to program then the next thing you need to read is this tome. It was written for software project managers but the beginner programmer needs to understand the context of his work, and this is The Book. This book sets the context that all programming work lives within, and by consequence will not just inform even the lowliest line programmer, but make it possible to for them to advance. Everything below here is merely supplementary material:
  2. How to be a Programmer: A short, comprehensive, and personal summary (web page)
  3. EDI Services (web page)
    Tutorial for parsing EDI files, common EDI message types (in the purchase-order family), and how EDI messaging typically works through VANs
  4. How to write unmaintainable code (web page) by Roedy Green