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User Interface Tips

  1. There are only three quantities: Zero, One, and Infinity
    Either don't create a control, create a checkbox, or create a list. Only make radio buttons if you really know what you're doing

  2. Use modal dialogs to make dangerous actions harder, not to CYA
    If the action is frequent and you can undo, then don't use a modal "Are you sure?"-style dialog box. But if the action is rare, undo is unavailable, and the action destroys a lot of work, then use modal dialogs to slow down the user deliberately and make it hard to do destructive things

  3. Don't combine a quantity and a boolean decision into one
    The user will not like to express the concept of "don't include" by setting the quantity to zero. If they change their mind, they won't remember what the quantity used to be

  4. Let the operating system "skin" your app
    Don't waste time and code creating a "skinning toolkit", or making every button look like a jellybean. The limits of UI customizability are slowly disappearing as platforms get more sophisticated. And your users have no taste, anyway