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Personal Enrichment Tips

  1. Experience what it's like to be stupid
    Try to design a recursive algorithm in your head the next time you're doped-out on medication or booze. This is how some people feel all the time, such as (some of) your users

  2. Learn from fad methodologies, but don't make them your religion
    Those who invent "XP" and "Agile" and so-on are proud of their ideas, but they don't say that The One True Methodology is inventiveness itself. You need to invent your own methodology that fits your natural talents and the business you work in. You can assemble it from ideas gleaned elsewhere, but not try to squeeze yourself into a form that was made to fit somebody else

  3. Err on the side of greater novelty
    When you have to chose between two equals for a component (eg: WinForms vs. WPF), try the one you've never used before. (Note: you might want to do this for your hobbies and prototypes before you go charging to the boss with a proposal)

  4. Get out of your comfort zone
    If you're resisting something because you think it's hard (such as writing a compiler, or a filesystem, a kernel, etc.), then it means you should try it anyway. One day you'll realize that you're at ease with all those things that everyone else thinks is "hard"

  5. Attempt to do your next project in a different programming language or platform
    Even if you fail you'll learn more about the scope of the problem so you can redo it in your old language, do it better, and still meet the deadline

  6. Do not use Modafinil, Piracetam, Centrophenoxine, Desmopressin or Sulbutiamine
    I would prefer to keep the advantage for myself